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When East meets West: New Sound China UK

Eric Wang, GB Times 17/09/2015

What does contemporary music sound like when performed with traditional Chinese instruments? The audience at New Sound China UK will find out on September 25th in Manchester, northwest England, as the concert explores that question with both traditional and contemporary Chinese music. It’s the first time for composers Effy Efthymiou and Gabriel Prokofiev (grandson of the famous Russian composer and pianist Sergei Prokofiev) to venture into the modern genre, taking traditional Chinese instruments with them.

Composers Gabriel Prokofiev and Effy Efthymiou collaborate with Chi-Ling Lok and the UK Chinese Ensemble 

Simon Broughton, Songlines, 14/09/2015

“I’ve long been interested in non-Western instruments and exploring new sounds,” says Gabriel Prokofiev. “I wrote this Concerto for Turntables, which is a sort of global instrument,” he laughs. Grandson of the famous Russian composer, Prokofiev also wrote his thesis on Tanzanian music and worked as a tour manager for Hukwe Zawose. He’s just finished writing pieces for erhu (Chinese fiddle) and piano commissioned by New Sound China UK. “I got to know the zeze, the fiddle that Hukwe played, quite well. It’s played in a similar way to the erhu and came to East Africa via Indonesia. The exciting thing about the Chinese classical tradition is it’s so old.” New Sound China UK was founded by pianist Chi-Ling Lok..


UK Chinese Journal, 25/09/2015

9月25日中午十二点三十分,曼彻斯特桥水音乐厅大厅座无虚席,一首《茉莉花》的琵琶之作开启了“中英合璧新乐章”(New Sound China UK)的序曲。盖布里奥·普罗科夫耶夫(Gabriel Prokofiev),著名前苏联作曲家谢尔盖·普罗科夫耶夫(Sergei Prokofiev)之孙, 伦敦作曲家、音乐制作人和埃菲·埃夫蒂米乌(Effy Efthymiou)首次为中国传统乐器及钢琴谱曲的音乐作品也得以正式向公众亮相。现场演奏会采用传统中国音乐与新音乐对比呈现的形式,除了首支曲目《茉莉花》,还有二胡经典《良宵》,及钢琴独奏《八幅水彩画的回忆》、《钢琴与大小京锣二重奏》。

中英合璧新乐章曼城首演 02/10/2015

9月25日,英国当代著名作曲家普罗科夫耶夫(Gabriel Prokofiev)和埃夫蒂米乌(Effy Efthymiou)与中乐团“丝弦三重奏”合作,在曼城桥水音乐厅(The Bridge water Hall)联合带来一场中英合璧新乐章(New Sound China UK)音乐会。演奏会采用中国传统音乐与新音乐对比的形式,不仅有古典琵琶名曲《阳春白雪》及二胡经典《良宵》,还有两位作曲家为琵琶与二胡等传统乐器谱写的新作。项目创建人、钢琴家骆芷玲女士称,很幸运能有机会把最好的英国作曲家和最好的中国音乐家召集在一起,希望中英合璧新乐章能够成为英国多元文化的生动范例。

中英合璧新乐章 (NEW SOUND CHINA UK) 曼城⾸首演获得成功

Yumin Guo, Federation of Chinese Association Manchester, 2015/09/25

英国当代作曲家、⾳音乐制作⼈人盖布⾥里奥·普罗科夫耶夫(Gabriel Prokofiev)和埃菲·埃夫 蒂⽶米乌(Effy Efthymiou)将他们的⾳音乐实验拓展到新的领域。他们⾸首次为中国传统乐器 ⼆二胡及琵琶和钢琴谱曲的⾳音乐作品于2015年9⽉月25⽇日在曼城桥⽔水⾳音乐厅(The Bridge water Hall)的中英合璧新乐章(New Sound China UK)⾳音乐会上向公众⾸首次亮相。华⼈人钢琴家骆芷玲是中英合璧新乐章(New Sound China UK)的创始⼈人和总监,她构思 了整个项⺫⽬目,并⼒力邀盖布⾥里奥和埃菲两位英国著名作曲家参与,同时与欧洲最好的中乐 团“丝弦三重奏”合作。

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Radio Interviews

Resonance 104.4 FM:
A World in London Show, 28/10/2015
DJ Ritu interviews Chi-Ling Lok, director and Gabriel Prokofiev, composer,  on New Sound China UK 
Spectrum Radio: The Morning Show, 18/09/2015
Eric Wang interviews Chi-Ling Lok, director, and Effy Efthymiou, composer, on New Sound China UK
Spectrum Radio: The Morning Show, 18/09/2015
Eric Wang interviews Gabriel Prokofiev, composer, and Cheng Yu, pipa, on New Sound China UK
Spectrum Radio: The Morning Show, 22/09/2015
Eric Wang broadcasts excerpts of 
New Sound China UK commissions
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